What sets YUDU technology apart?

It's our intention to be at the cutting edge of digital publishing technology. This may sound like a canned marketing spiel, but we've maintained a commitment to progressively developing broader, deeper and more feature-rich digital publishing solutions. It's for this reason that we can leverage a portfolio of products and services that few of our competitors can.

For example, when browser-based "digital editions" first came to the forefront of the web in the early 2000s, YUDU were there with a solid, Flash-based framework, almost a decade ahead of many of the current market entrants.

As server-side solutions evolved, we supported this with a cloud-based publishing platform that we developed internally that would later become YUDU Publisher, when tablets hit the market in 2010, we were there with one of the first dedicated publishing apps for app-based delivery of published content, and most recently we've supplemented our browser-solution with a HTML reader. Alongside this we're constantly developing enhancement options for our clients, such as a widget library whilst providing partner-specific products like AppFactory.

On the eBook side of things, we've continually evolved to support Fixed Page Layout solutions and later iBooks Author solutions with a dedicated, highly skilled creative services team ready to take book publisher's ideas from their original, embryonic conception right up to final publishing, complete with custom interactive content. It's for this reason we count major educational publishers like Oxford University Press and Cambridge University Press amongst our repeat-clients.

The aim behind all of this is to provide a level of choice to our clients that can't be found elsewhere. We're not a company that focuses on specific areas of digital publishing to the exclusion of others. We aim to provide solutions to meet all requirements, from e-commerce to books to highly bespoke enterprise apps.

Of course, in an age when server uptime is measured by the number of nines after the "99.9%", we also understand that having a secure server backbone for your content is of utmost importance. It's for this reason that all of this technology and your own editions sit on clusters with two major content delivery networks: Limelight Networks and Amazon Web Services.

Whatever industry you're in, whatever it is you need, we have multiple options to help you achieve your requirements and moving forward, your range of options will get better as our platform evolves.