What we do

YUDU are an app developer specializing in digital publishing, corporate communications and corporate training solutions.

We've been empowering publishers, corporations and training providers for over ten years.

What YUDU does

We are an app developer. We specialize in providing digital publishing tools and apps for anyone with printed content, alongside corporate communications and training apps for the corporate sector: Our YUDU Publisher content management system sits behind all of these solutions, allowing clients to easily upload documents and video, enable DRM, add interactive content and more. 

We cater to a diverse number of sectors, from magazine publishers to corporate clients and our developers have built a range of features to help meet these diverse needs. We also develop solutions for training providers and companies who need intuitive methods to publish training material.

Alongside this, we maintain an in-house creative team that can help build interactive books from scratch, create bespoke HTML5 assets or simply help with your branding needs.

Regardless of where you are based, we can help you deliver digital content. Our production team are repeatedly praised by clients for their exceptional customer service. If you need to contact our sales teams, you can find YUDU teams in London and New York and supporting partners all over the globe.


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