Publishing to mobile


If you are looking for an affordable entry-point publishing app that sits across both iOS and Android phones, Easi-App is a great starting point.

The YUDU team are focussed on ubiquity, and as leading publishing app developers we want to make sure our clients and partners don’t have to worry about whether or not their content will display on certain devices.

As an app designed to sit across both tablet and mobile devices, Easi-App will have no problem displaying your published content on an iPhone or any of the broad range of Android phones on the market, such as the Samsung Galaxy S4.

When viewed on a smartphone device, Easi-App content will display with the same fidelity and include all the features you’d expect when viewing it on a tablet device, including streamed video and audio, automatically created hyperlinks and in-app web browsing.

Premier App

Creating an app for smartphones takes a highly feature-rich direction using a YUDU Premier App.

When viewed on a smartphone, Premier App content affords all the features and functionality you would expect on a tablet or desktop, including 1080p video and use of HTML5 widgets. Alongside this there are highlighting and note-taking tools exclusive to the Premier product which function effectively on smartphones as well as tablet devices.

You can have your own branded phone-optimized welcome screen for users, giving them a fully responsive experience and allowing you to create separate, device-specific channels via which your users access your published content.

Browser delivery:

Our browser delivery solution provides a top quality reading experience via the web. It is designed to reach readers on any device, and will respond with either Flash or HTML output depending on which is compatible.

This option is best suited to those who are casually browsing the web and and might not be inclined to download your app. You are able to share links to the browser delivery solution via social media, websites and blogs and can therefore reach a wide readership.

Despite running in the browser, this solution delivers high quality pages at full zoom levels, as good as within a native app. If you are familiar with other browser solutions, you'll understand how important this is for end-users.

How does it work? Simply upload your PDFs to YUDU Publisher and select both Flash and HTML publishing options. You will then be given links to distribute across the web, and access to full analytics.