Publishing to E-Readers

eBook conversion

If you are a publisher of illustrated books and do not require extra interactivity, our straightforward ebook conversion services can help you create digital versions for publishing to a number of ebook stores. Our dedicated creative services team have experience in creating digital illustrated books for all major devices and platforms, including iBooks, Kindle Fire, Kobo, Nook and Google.

The iBookstore is the most developed of the stores and ebooks for the iBookstore can be enhanced with interactive elements, audio and video files and read-aloud features.

If, like many book publishers, you are looking to publish to a number of different platforms, we offer competitive packages, and our experienced team can make this easy for you, allowing you to push on ahead with your digital book strategy.

For a more interactive ebook experience, we also create interactive ebooks. Publishers with large numbers of books often request that we build them branded ebook stores.

Interactive ebooks – iBooks Author

Our expert, highly-trained creative team work with publishers wanting to create interactive ebooks for the iBookstore. The team have experience of working with the world’s leading educational publishers, trade publishers and TV companies, bringing together a diverse range of skillsets from graphic design to JavaScript asset development.

book infographic workflow

We can create customized HTML5 widgets that are embedded into the eBook, allowing readers to play games, solve puzzles, draw pictures and save any data they enter into the widget to the cloud. Some of these are created in-house, others with our technical partners.

If you have a large number of books, it might make more sense for us to build you a branded ebook store.

Branded ebook store app

The branded ebook store app is a specialist solution for book publishers. It allows you to host your own branded bookstore on the App Store, Google Play and Amazon.

How do bookstore apps work? The app itself acts as a container, holding a number of your books. These are generally ordered in a chronological sequence allowing readers to quickly find what they are looking for.

From a workflow perspective, simply upload the relevant PDFs to YUDU Publisher and you are ready to publish. You can also use a range of enhancement options such as high-definition video and audio, as well as dynamic HTML5 content.

You can offer your readers further tools such as the ability to highlight and bookmark text and to create clippings to store particularly important diagrams, graphics or illustrated material within the app.