Publishing to desktops

YUDU Publisher

YUDU Publisher is the best way of digitally publishing your content onto Windows desktop and laptop devices. Our responsive browser delivery technology will deliver your publication into a Flash format on Flash-supported desktops and laptops or a HTML format on non-Flash supported devices.

The search-engine friendly, page-turning publications allow you to collect email addresses, export data about readers through our analytics system and build focused communities around your editions. By knowing your reader better, you are able to make informed decisions about what to publish next.

Using a subscriber management system you’ll have access to wide-ranging API integration options, allowing you to automate the process of associating existing subscribers with your digital publications. As it’s a scalable system you’ll also be able to create various subscriber groups, corresponding to things like access or membership level.

You can also use YUDU Publisher if you would like to publish directly to mobile devices with an app. We can build you a branded app to submit to the relevant stores.


YUDU Free is our low-end, browser-based solution, allowing you to publish to the web without any tablet or mobile support.

YUDU Free does not include any extra features, such as video, audio or subscriber management. It includes a file-size limit and is essentially a way of easily converting PDF files to create Flash-based, page-turning publications.

We recommend YUDU Free as a useful, entry-level product for individual users like students who require a simple repository for PDF content they have accumulated. Free is also ideal for school teachers who require a platform to coordinate their digital projects on.


If you need to create a search-engine-friendly, page-turning publication then this browser-based option will work flawlessly in your browser on a desktop.

YUDU Plus is a great entry-level product. For a small monthly fee it allows you to enhance your publication with streamed video and audio content, alongside internal page links for basic interactivity. Social-media options allow for easy sharing of relevant pages with friends, and completed files can also be embedded on external websites.

As with our free product, content published on YUDU Plus includes YUDU branding. To create a fully white-labeled publication using your own branding options, you can upgrade to use the YUDU Publisher platform.

Desktop apps

Our desktop apps allow you to reach audiences that want access to your content on a Windows laptop or desktop. This is an increasingly popular solution for school and office environments that have an increasingly diverse range of devices used by their students, but maintain desktops and laptops as the standard IT platform for classes. The main advantage is that if the user makes notes on the desktop, they can then be synced and read via a Premier App.

Increasingly, readers want to be able to interact with digital publications in a similar way to how they would with print. Our freestyle highlighting and note-taking features allow your readership to engage with your publications as if they had a pencil to hand.

The clippings feature takes this desktop app interactivity a step further by allowing readers to engage with images within the publication. These images can then be stored and referred to at a later stage.

Browser delivery

As part of our commitment to help you reach every platform through our publishing suite with ease, we also offer a responsive HTML/Flash-based browser delivery solution, ideal for delivering content to desktop devices and well-suited for certain business models when paired with an app, such as consumer magazines.