We’ve all been on training courses and left with unmanageable amounts of loose paper. Now you can provide delegates with access to all their training material via an app.

How does a training app work?

Your training app can act as a simple professional development tool for delegates, or if you represent a Human Resources department, a learning development tool for your own employees.

This means your delegates or employees will have access to all their learning materials from a particular course through the app you make available to them.

Continuous professional development is one area where apps have a number of clear advantages over older methods of digital content distribution. Delegates can access all their files in one place and are less likely to lose important information. If you need to send out extra course information, app users will be alerted with a simple notification.

The app can be downloaded onto any device, ranging from an Android tablet to a desktop app. This flexibility means that all delegates get access to the same content, on the device of their choice, with no concerns about compatibility or inter-operability issues. This makes their life easier and your course more popular.

How can I keep in touch with course delegates?

After a course, the app can be used as an extra marketing channel, to help you keep in touch with delegates. You can distribute new course information which might be of relevance, or update users with versioning control.

Versioning control means the learning materials in the training app will never be out of date. Update your files using YUDU Publisher, our digital publishing solution, and everyone who has downloaded the app will automatically get an update.

What are the benefits of a training app?

The app can be closed access or open access. With a closed-access app, delegates use a log-in to access their learning materials. The same log-in details can be used to access the files on any device (iOS, Android, Windows of desktop).

Learners can take notes, highlight and make clippings from their materials. Annotations made on a desktop at work can then be picked up on any tablet at home.

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