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How do you publish a digital magazine to tablets, desktops and smartphones while keeping publishing workflows simple and the reading experience fluid?

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How easy is it to create a digital magazine?

App Delivery: Publishing to a magazine app is simple and gives you the ability to expand your brand presence on all app stores and drive subscription sales. Simply upload, enhance and publish, and your magazine can be submitted to app stores.

Browser Delivery: Deliver your print magazines in an interactive format to web browsers using YUDU. Just upload, enhance and publish, and your magazines can be read within any browser on any device.

What are the advantages of a digital magazine?

  • Deliver your magazine to readers on all devices via a combination of a branded app and YUDU’s browser-delivery solution, PageTiler.
  • Embed rich media and HTML5 interactive content throughout your editions.
  • Stick with existing workflows by using YUDU Publisher’s print-ready PDF compatibility.
  • Migrate existing subscribers over to your digital editions easily with our fulfillment house API integration.
  • Lock down your editions with secure DRM and intuitive subscriber-management options.

How do YUDU's Digital Magazine Solutions work?

Whether you want to publish your magazines to mobiles, tablets or desktops, we make it simple.

Subscription management options allow your customers to make their purchases both inside and outside of the app, allowing you to create a payment portal to avoid revenue-share schemes on your own website.

Fulfillment house API integration means you can bring your existing subscribers over to your digital editions easily.

Overlay tools within YUDU Publisher make it easy to set up rich media content – upload the content, drag out the area where you want the rich media to appear and select the relevant content from a dropdown menu.

Interactive and rich media content is easy to create and embed and YUDU’s apps are fully compatible with HTML5 assets. 

Develop interactive assets and generate new designs through our creative team, who can draw upon a wide-range of expertise to offer a more engaging experience for your readers.

How do I publish to a magazine app?

Publishing to iOS/Android tablets and mobile phones is straightforward. Your white-label iOS/Android app can be made available in whichever app stores you’d like to target, accessible on all tablet and mobile devices associated with that store.

Publish simply by uploading content to YUDU Publisher, then enhance it and push it out to your app.

How do I publish to the browser?

Publish and distribute your magazines with a single link, accessible on all devices by using PageTiler, our responsive browser delivery solution.  

PageTiler has been developed with responsive device detection and adaptive rendering of content in mind. This ensures your digital content never frustrates your readership with slow loading times.

Embed video and other rich media content within PageTiler editions with exactly the same workflow you’d use to embed such content in apps, keeping things simple and allowing you create a uniform digital product regardless of delivery method.

We are happy to talk to you about your current publishing plans and suggest ways to develop your digital strategy in 2014.



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