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Students of all ages are spending more time on tablets. Our e-learning software allows educational publishers, schools and colleges to offer everything from textbook apps to bespoke interactive eBooks.


How do I create textbook apps with YUDU?

If you are looking to publish a number of textbooks for a specific student demographic, a textbook app running on iOS, Android and Windows is your best option. Students will be able to find the book they are looking for via the relevant category or section of the app.

If maintaining your textbook page designs is important, we will make sure your digital versions replicate the printed book. We also have a creative team who are always happy to help with animations, illustrations and page redesign.

For iPad-only publishing, our creative team can create stunning effects and designs in iBooks Author. For Oxford University Press we created a series of these books with animations, videos, quizzes and audio on each and every page.

How do I create a publishing app for my school?

Save money on photocopying, with an app for your school. If students have access to tablets at your school, we can build you an app – no more losing worksheets and notes!

Teachers can use materials in Word, PowerPoint and Keynote formats. Simply convert to PDF , upload to YUDU Publisher, our digital publishing solution, and all the students in the school will get access to the material.

Click here for more information on LessonWizard, our publishing app built specifically to meet the needs of schools.

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