Corporate Comms Apps

Does your company need a corporate app to communicate with prospects, clients, investors or your own employees, such as sales teams?

A Corporate Communications app can help you communicate with any and all of these groups, depending upon your need.

What are the advantages of a corporate communications app?

  • Distribution of sensitive internal and external publications securely, by having your own closed-access app that isn't available on a public app store.
  • Ensuring that your employees always have access to the latest relevant sales or other materials through our versioning control features.
  • Ability to study employee engagement with our analytics package.

How can I use a corporate app for external communication?

Enable your clients to download your reports, documents, press releases and other material, by creating your own corporate communications app using YUDU.

Clients who are using mobile devices, will find an app more convenient than logging onto a Website. It is accessible on any platform so they just need to pull out their phone, tablet or use a desktop computer to interact and keep up-to-date with your news. It can also function alongside an intranet as a secondary layer of communication.

Make sure your company branding features prominently in the app stores. This white-label app, allows you to customize your icons and metadata to suit your industry and requirements. You can further customize this within the app itself. For example, an investor relations app could feature RSS feeds of relevant indices.

By using versioning control your app will never be out of date, as it prevents your clients from struggling to find the latest information via email or other channels. Every time you update your app content your clients will automatically get an update via a simple push notification.

Confidential information is fully supported by a range of enhanced functionality for enhanced security. If necessary, only users with set credentials can access the content, which can be categorized by type of investor or client.

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How can I use an app for internal communication?

Connect with company employees in a multitude of ways, from distributing the company newsletter to providing mobile sales teams with up-to-date reference material while on the road. This can all sit within a single app framework.

Segment and categorize different types of employee communication clearly, whether by department or the type of publication. For example, you can develop one central “public” category for content such as newsletters alongside categories that require user login credentials to access, such as internal reports from each department.

Easily downloaded onto any iOS, Android or Desktop device, corporate communications apps are ideal for keeping all parts of a company talking to each other.