Does your company need to communicate with prospects, clients, investors or even your own employees, such as sales teams? Building a corporate app that is downloadable onto any device allows you to leverage the growth of mobile devices, to push corporate communications beyond simple emails and rarely used intranets.

How can I use a corporate app for external communication?

Your corporate app can act as a simple user interface to clients as a general way of enabling external communication, where they can download your reports, documents, press releases updates etc. Your clients will appreciate being able to access all the information in one place. The app is a white-labeled solution, using your company’s branding.

Rather than letting your clients struggle to find the latest information, versioning control means your app will never be out of date. Update your files using YUDU Publisher, our digital publishing solution, and your clients will automatically get an update via a simple push notification.

If you are using our technology to share confidential information, extra security functionality can be enabled, meaning that only users with set credentials can access the content. We understand the specific needs for corporate apps, and as such we are keen on ensuring peace of mind by providing you with safe and secure channels to distribute information.

How can I use an app for internal communication?

Distance is no longer a barrier to providing clear, regular, up-to-date communication. You can connect with company employees in a multitude of ways, from distributing the company newsletter to providing mobile sales teams with up-to-date reference material while on the road. Easily downloaded onto iOS, Android, Windows and desktop devices, corporate communications apps are ideal for keeping all parts of a company talking to each other.

How can I reduce publishing costs?

It’s simple really. Every time you want to print out a document to distribute, simply upload it to YUDU Publisher, our digital publishing solution, and all stakeholders who have downloaded your app will be notified.

You can reach a wider audience as the apps and publications will work on all major platforms, and are sharable on social networks.

We are happy to talk to you about how a corporate app might help your organization in 2014.

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