Digital Catalogs

Do you need digital catalog software that allows you to leverage existing print material? Do you want to drive traffic to your e-commerce site from mobile devices?

Increase your brand awareness across all app stores while increasing engagement from your audience and use our e-commerce facilities to encourage easy purchasing.

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How easy is it to create a digital catalog?

App Delivery: Publishing to a catalog app is simple and gives you the ability to expand your brand presence on all app stores and drive traffic to your site. Simply upload, enhance and publish, and your catalog can be submitted to app stores.

Browser Delivery: Deliver your print catalogs in an interactive format to web browsers using YUDU. Just upload, enhance and publish, and your catalog can be read within any browser on any device.

Simple workflows are key, and YUDU Publisher allows you to publish once, even if you’re publishing to the browser, mobiles and tablets.  You can upload one catalog, which can be published to all types of device.



Sample gallery

Digital Catalog 1
Create custom welcome screens
Digital Catalog 2
Automated product hyperlinking
Digital Catalog 3
Intuitive in-edition search
Digital Catalog 4
Direct more traffic to your site
Digital Catalog 5
Let readers create wishlists
Digital Catalog 6
In-browser product rollovers