eBook publishing

We understand that it’s important for your eBooks to look great, work on all devices and most importantly to be a profitable venture.

How do I create digital books with YUDU?

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If you are looking to publish a number of titles to a defined community of readers, a book community app is your best option.

This is a multi-platform solution, meaning that it allows your books to be read on all devices (iOS, Android and Windows). Your readers can find the book they are looking for via the various app stores (Google Play, App Store, Amazon), which is especially important as more and more devices become focussed around an app-based eco-system.

If your existing page designs are important to you, we will make sure your digital versions replicate the printed book. We also have a creative team who are happy to help with animations, illustrations and page redesign.

You might have a title that needs special attention. For HarperCollins and the Hobbit books, we created a series of books in iBooks Author, with animations, videos, quizzes and audio on each and every page. Using iBooks Author your book can be brought to life on iPads and iPhones.

We also provide our browser delivery BookSnacking solution as a marketing tool for book promotion, allowing them to increase the discoverability of their books with browser-based samples that can be distributed across all devices using a single link.

Why start with digital publishing for books?

As you know, changing content consumption methods and increasing digitization means that print sales across the book market have dropped for virtually all genres.

There are an increasing number of tablet devices being sold, with a global install base well in excess of 400 million tablet and e-reading devices as of early 2014.

To really make a success of digital book publishing, publishers need to build an online community of readers, and this is where a series of books stored in your own branded bookstore app can help.

We are happy to talk to you about your current publishing plans, and our dedicated book team are always on hand to suggest ways to develop your digital strategy in 2014.

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