Creative services

Creative team

In 2013, after helping a number of YUDU clients implement design ideas into their apps, we set up the YUDU creative team. With a combination of high-end design, technical and project management skills, the team are well placed to help you develop the visual elements of your digital project.

Below are some of the services we can offer you. If you have other requirements, please do get in touch, and one of our project managers will be happy to run through other options.

PDF optimization/reformatting

YUDU Publisher makes creating digital files and apps from a PDF easy. However, sometimes these PDFs need a redesign to take them into digital format. For example, there might be too much text on the page, or your content might need a refresh. This is where our creative team step in. You can contact one of our project managers today and they will run through how this works.

App branding

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, first impressions count. When a customer downloads your app, they need to understand what it can help them to do and how your brand can solve their problems. This is where clever app branding, for everything from app icons to HTML welcome pages, comes in.

Many of our customers take control of the branding themselves; however, we have now created a range of templates that can help you get this right. The Football Association recently commissioned our team and took full advantage of our designed templates. This is an example of how clever branding can help your customers get the most out of the app.

Interactivity and animation

Dynamic layers bring the power of the web to your apps, with interactivity and animation. YUDU allows you to add new immersive or interactive content on top of your existing layouts. Using HTML, CSS and JavaScript, your publications can be brought to life! If you need help creating these assets, our team have a wealth of experience in helping top brands to develop these creatively.


Digital book publishing is our specialty. Having worked on some of the publishing world’s premier ebook projects, such as with HarperCollins on The Hobbit, Bloomsbury Children’s on Nuddy Ned and a range of other publishers on their animated stories, we have a solid understanding of how digital books can be created. From story-boarding to widget development, we have the skills to make your ebooks look great.


All of our creative services are charged on an hourly basis. If you decide you need our help, one of our project managers will work with you on establishing a project plan and delivering a quote depending on the number of hours needed to develop the project.