Digital Magazines

From digital replicas to dynamic magazine apps: A digital magazine solution for every publisher

YUDU understands the diversity of the magazine publishing space, it’s for that reason that our digital magazine solutions are built with scalability in mind. We work with all shapes and sizes, from a small publishers or member’s association looking to create a simple digital replica to publish to the browser, to large media groups looking to create a completely dynamic magazine app complete with social feeds, interactive content.

With the YUDU Digital Magazine solution, you can:

  • Expand your brand presence and maximize exposure.
  • Create a branded "hub" for magazine, all supporting content and social media feeds. 
  • Drive subscription sales and create your own subscription models with our subscription management module. 
  • Engage with your readers online.
  • Enhance your publications with video, audio, interactive content and more.
  • Create video libraries. 
  • Provide a tailored-for-smartphone experience with PhoneView.
  • Allow your readers to share their favorite articles across social media.

Making it easier to read magazines online

Regardless of the type of solution you’re looking for, with our solutions, you can enhance engagement with your existing readership bases as well as boosting your reach to new audiences.

Many of our magazine clients have had tremendous success winning over new markets with their titles, through a mix of providing a good and easy to use digital publication alongside clever marketing. Others have launched their edition simply to provide existing readership with more ways of reaching their content. Read our Diver Magazine case study here.

Responsive PhoneView layouts, subscription management, HTML5 embedding, video libraries and more

Our Magazine Apps can be significantly much more than a straightforward digital replica. Turn your magazine app into a branded hub, with all of your social media feeds, ancillary content like brochures and back-issues as well as video libraries in a single place. Augment these huge offerings with other value-adds to your readership base, such as HTML5 interactive content – and cap it all off with a sublime reading experience by making use of our PhoneView feature, that allows a user to click on particular articles and view them in an easily digestible, responsive stylesheet when on smaller devices like smartphones.

Delivery methods

Dynamic Magazine AppsApp Magazine Publishing

App Delivery: Publishing to a magazine app is simple and gives you the ability to expand your brand presence on all app stores and drive subscription sales. Simply upload, enhance and publish, and your magazine can be submitted to app stores.

Html 5 Editions Publishing

Alimentaria Digital Magazine

Browser Delivery: Deliver your print magazines in an interactive format to web browsers using YUDU. Just upload, enhance and publish, and your magazines can be read within any browser on any device.